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Do Your Eyes Need to Recharge?

Our eyes were designed for us to use as hunters and gatherers. Now we hunt and gather
on Google! We are not fully equipped to handle all of the demands placed on our eyes by
today’s technological devices.

We are a society seeking efficiency and convenience. However the very devices that
bring those benefits have a downside, especially eye fatigue. The eye has a muscle, called
the Ciliary muscle, that tenses up as it tries to focus on back-lit screens, hour after hour. When
this muscle locks up it causes a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.

hoya recharge eyestrain antifatigue

By reducing the amount of blue light that enters the eye, patients will be able to increase
their comfort level and reduce eye fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and other related
discomfort that can hamper the efficiency we use our smart phones and tablets for in the
first place!

Several studies as well as data from OSHA and ISO, all show there are hazards
associated with the High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light portion of the light spectrum.
Blue light, including HEV Blue Light, is emitted from hand-held devices such as smart
phones and tablets. Symptoms as diverse as sleep disorders in children and adolescents,
headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue can be due to exposure to blue light radiating from
hand-held digital equipment.

Within the visible light spectrum there is “good blue light” and “bad blue blight.” The
good blue light helps our body’s biorhythms and sleep patterns. While overexposure to
the HEV, or “bad blue light,” attacks us with a wide range of annoying and chronic
conditions associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Digital Eye Strain

HOYA has developed and launched Recharge EX3, an anti-reflective lens treatment
that reflects the harmful Blue Light away from the eyes. HOYA’s new Recharge EX3
anti-reflective treatment reflects the portion of blue light emitted from back-lit hand held
devices that is “bad” and ensures the portion of blue light we need for optimal contrast
and other health benefits is allowed to pass through. In a sign of our times, studies show
many children, and people in their 20s who grew up with hand-held devices as part of
their lives, are spending as much as half their day staring at a screen barely an arm’s
length away. This generation is most certainly overexposed to blue light emitted from
their smart phones and tablets and suffering unnecessarily from fatigue.

hoya recharge antifatigue

We know the questions to ask and have access to solutions like Recharge EX3 to help
you cope with fatigue and other symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome.
And the better news, is that Recharge EX3 is the only treatment you will need for your
lenses, here’s why:

 Scratch Resistance! According to The Vision Council scratch resistance is the #1
attribute patients desire for their lenses. Lenses treated with Recharge EX3 are the
MOST scratch resistant lenses you can buy.

 Fingerprints! Grease! Dirt! – They can all be removed in just a few wipes
reducing wear and tear on your lenses.

 Durable Long-Lasting Treatment – Easy-to-clean properties remain intact even
after long-term use and repeated wiping.

 Sports and Hobbies – Protection during rough games or times of deep

 Water Slides Right Off – The treatment properties of Recharge EX 3 shield lenses
from rain, snow and water fountain mishaps.

Ask us about Recharge EX3 and other optical solutions that are available to you and your
family today!