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Vision Therapy

Dr. Jason Deviney has been practicing Behavioral Optometry since 2010 and has been prescribing Vision Therapy since 2011.

What is behavioral optometry?  According to’s website:  Behavioral optometry is an expanded area of optometric practice. When you visit your behavioral optometrist, you may notice a difference in your examination. You will find that you are tested for specific visual skills. You may find that many of your questions about vision are answered. And you will receive the clinical guidance you need to develop the skills which provide for an efficient visual system. Your behavioral optometrist has studied the effects of stress on vision. Through the use of carefully selected stress-relieving and preventive lenses and visual training, you can enjoy relief from even the most stressful close-up visual conditions.

vision therapy san antonio binocular vision

In 2016, Dr. Deviney purchased Dr. Mervyn Bloom’s vision therapy practice called Center for Vision Enhancement.  The practice’s name was changed to Vision Therapy of San Antonio in 2017.

Our mission at Vision Therapy of San Antonio is to evaluate our patients for binocular vision problems and vision-related learning disabilities, and to treat these issues through vision therapy. Vision Therapy is an individually tailored program that is initiated to provide supervised treatment for people that have perceptual and visual motor problems. This applies to children, adolescents, and adults who have ADD, ADHD, and convergence insufficiency, or are poor readers. Our goal is to enhance the lives of our patients who have visual challenges by providing the tools and training necessary to make their visual system as accurate and efficient as possible.  Our therapists also have experience in helping patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries and concussions.

To learn more about patients we have helped, click Why Vision Therapy and see testimonials.  We also have a survey to fill out that can help you see what type of symptoms we look for in our patients.  Or call us at 210-822-0900 to speak with someone on our vision therapy team!