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Vertical Misalignment of the Eyes Can Contribute to Painful Symptoms

It’s been about 7 years now that I discovered Dr. Debbie Feinberg’s groundbreaking work with prismatic eyeglass lenses used to help people overcome chronic difficulty with a multitude of problems.  These include headache, vertigo, dizziness, anxiety and concentration issues.  The average person does not connect most of this with the eyes.  But I’ve also seen in my own clinical experience that sometimes the slightest visual misalignment can make some people miserable.

My most recent patient drove in 4 hours from Brownsville to see if I could help him.  Sam is 29 and has been suffering from chronic headaches, dizziness, double vision and concentration issues.  He’s seen an ENT doctor and gone through vestibular therapy, but his symptoms have not resolved.

We scheduled Sam for extended testing and my exam revealed that he had both a vertical (vertical heterophoria) and horizontal misalignment of the eyes so I prescribed some prismatic lenses and he reports an amazing resolution of his symptoms.  I’ve prescribed additional vision therapy activities in an effort to help him fully resolve his problems.

The link to Dr. Debbie’s website gives an interesting history of how she first found out about how helpful prismatic lenses can be.  I too have seen that in countless patients in the last 7 years.  This video of Dr. Debbie  shows her giving a presentation at a TED talk in Detroit.

Sam’s is one of many success stories.  You just have to find an eye doctor that knows what to look for.  If you know of anyone with the chronic issues mentioned above who have not been able to find relief, consider a different kind of vision exam beyond the routine.  Call us at 210-34-5822 or email Dr. Deviney  at for more information.