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Neurolenses Bring Headache and Dizziness Relief to Patients in San Antonio

Dr. Deviney and his team at Vision Source Olmos Park are proud to be the first optometrist’s office in Texas and the 35th office in the country to offer patients Neurolens treatment for headache, eyestrain and dizziness relief.


New technology called neurolens® glasses is a new therapeutic solution that provides relief from the symptoms associated with the overuse of digital devices. Developed specifically to reduce or eliminate eye misalignment at all distances, neurolens® is the only lens that corrects the eyes from overcompensating during digital device use.  This overcompensation has been shown to be the source for Chronic Daily Headaches, usually showing itself as pain in the temples, forehead and often the back of the head near the base of the skull.  Many patients also describe pain behind the eye(s), which has been called eyegraines by some neurologists.


With a misalignment in your visual system, your eyes overcompensate to see one clear image. This can trigger unwanted stress on the trigeminal nerve, causing symptoms of digital vision syndrome.  In the diagram below, the trigeminal nerve and it’s branches extend to the areas of the forehead, temples, upper and lower jaw and the base of the skull.  When the eye misalignment is corrected with neurolenses, your visual system doesn’t need to work as hard, relieving your symptoms.



To determine your candidacy for the neurolens, a SightSync test is performed during preliminary testing.  SightSync is the only objective visual testing system designed to accurately measure and prescribe for eye misalignment. SightSync detects eye misalignment at all distances, which is essential for comfortable vision. Dr. Deviney can test if you have an eye-misalignment and treat your symptoms with the neurolens® system.




Click here to fill out the Neurolens Lifestyle Index to see if you may be a good candidate for the relief of the Neurolens.